In a society in which marginalization continues to be an ongoing issue, people in need of help increase.

The Foundation supports them with its expertise, thanks to its supporters and international partners.


We provide personalized and updated information to those who need help making their way through local mental health services.


Mental health training is one of the Foundation’s main objectives, to encourage social integration and therapeutic treatment.


Our creative workshops are our most important asset. Our paint, theater, music, photography, cooking or sewing workshops give everyone a chance to socialize, while bringing out the talent and potential that each one of us has.


We create support communities through self-help and empowerment groups that we support and guide; facilitating communication with institutions.


Our mission is to break the wall of indifference and fight against exclusion.



Collaborate with us


In its twenty years of activity, the Di Liegro Foundation has acquired a wide range of expertise, specialized human resources, and in-depth knowledge of the territory, which it uses to support a vast number of projects in the field of mental illness.

Changing perspective: the story of Andrea

We called him “Andrea the Ugly.” There were five boys named Andrea in the complex where we lived. There was Andrea the dark-haired, Andrea the blonde, Andrea the ‘roscio’ (that’s what we Romans called those with red hair), Andrea the handsome. And then, precisely, Andrea the ugly. The nicknames were bestowed by the eldest amongst […]

Libera il futuro

Is an initiative sponsored by the Lazio Region to promote youth education and help decrease early drop-out rates.

Mettersi in moto

The project aims to support young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 with disabilities and medium to severe psychological disorders diagnosed by public health facilities.