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Volunteers and families networking for mental health

The project "Volunteers and families online for mental health" aims to raise awareness among citizens to build a different way of looking at the reality of mental health illness and wants to promote the progressive overcoming of the isolation and stigma that affect people with distress mental health and their families, creating a support network made up of community volunteers who are aware of the issue of mental health.

The project

In order to prevent isolation and social marginalization, the project proposes the activation of a listening and assistance service in the area, which provides information on mental health services, orients users and supports them in defining a personalized project with territorial services.

To raise awareness among citizens about mental health, the project organizes training courses, information and annual conferences on topics such as Recovery and addictions. The training objectives include the creation of a group of volunteers to facilitate the social inclusion and therapeutic path of people with mental distress through socialization workshops, such as theatre, music, photography and art therapy.

In order to combat the loneliness of family members of people with mental health problems, the project promotes self-help groups with weekly meetings and monthly supervision by professionals, such as psychiatrists and psychologists, to provide supportive support and share experiences.

The project is conceived following a Recovery approach, which aims to give users an active role again, transforming them from passive recipients to protagonists involved in their own choices and committed to fully developing their potential.

Premio amico della famiglia 2009 alla Fondazione Di Liegro per il progetto Famiglie in Rete

The Numbers

  • Creation of 17 training courses on the topic of mental health and volunteering aimed at family members, volunteers, users and operators.
  • Creation of a manual on mental health for volunteers and families (2013).
  • Creation of sailing, cooking, sewing, music, theatre, photography, fitwalking, art therapy and painting workshops.
  • Carrying out 1 research survey on mental health in the city of Rome.
  • Testing of an approach based on the World Health Organization ICF (International Classification of Functioning and Disability) classification system (2015).
  • Conference on Recovery (2015).
  • Conference on the topic of mental health in adolescence and addictions (2019).
  • Mental health web portal.

The Results

  • 1 listening and assistance service to prevent forms of isolation and social marginalization is activated in the area.
  • The local community has been made more aware of the issue of mental health.
  • Volunteers are trained to facilitate social inclusion and facilitate the therapeutic path of people living with mental distress.
  • Family members of people living with mental health problems share their loneliness and difficulties with other family members and are included in social activities.
  • Integrated art therapy workshops have created a context of social inclusion that has allowed people living with mental distress to convey their emotions, acquire new skills and socialise.
  • 1 mental health web portal was built and run by people living with mental health issues.
  • Specific mental health issues were explored in depth during some conferences.


  • ASL of Rome
  • Academy of Fine Arts of Rome
  • INMP – National Institute for the health of migrant populations and the fight against poverty
  • SIRP- Italian Society of Psychosocial Rehabilitation

The project is currently funded by Harcourt Foundation and in the past it has been supported by J&J Foundation?

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