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Logo Fondazione Internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro Ets
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Logo Fondazione Internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro Ets
Logo Fondazione Internazionale Don Luigi Di Liegro Ets
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Become a volunteer

Every initiative of the Fondazione Di Liegro is also carried out with the involvement and collaboration of volunteers. This approach is inspired by the teachings of Don Luigi, who taught us to build a widespread community culture, where the citizens themselves are protagonists of social well-being and contribute to the creation of an inclusive and welcoming society.

Becoming a volunteer allows for personal enrichment

Becoming a volunteer allows for personal enrichment, developing skills, and establishing new human relationships. If you wish to contribute to improving the quality of life for all and to greater solidarity, or if you simply want more information on how to become a volunteer, you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

The mental health volunteer

The testimonials of volunteers

How to become a volunteer?

  • By participating in the annual training organized by the Foundation on specific themes in the
    field of mental health.
  • Carrying out a knowledge and orientation interview with Foundation staff to understand how to get involved:
    • in the activities of socialization and art therapy workshops;
    • in Territorial Mental Health Services;
    • in the listening activity of the Orientation and Social Support Service.

The Foundation's operators provide constant support through supervision meetings and meetings with service operators and workshop leaders. These moments are aimed at monitoring the activities of volunteers within the context of the psychosocial rehabilitation path of the users.

The preparation of volunteers is based on the reconsideration of the “person in distress” as a person who, at a stage of their life, is going through a psychological problem. The volunteer is trained to learn to observe and highlight the strengths and the ability of individuals to positively cope with traumatic events, implementing non-intrusive but empathetic communication.

Are you a professional?

If you are willing to invest part of your time sharing your skills and experience, we invite you to get in touch with us. Your collaboration would be of great value to us.

Want to teach your art?

Art therapy workshops play a key role in supporting those facing mental health issues, as we firmly believe in the transformative impact of artistic expression. If you have solid experience in a specific art form and are willing to dedicate some of your time and skills, we warmly invite you to contact us and join us.

Listening, guidance and information for
Mental Health Problems.
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