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mental health desk - SOSS

Through the Guidance and Social Support Desk (SOSS), we offer listening, information, support, and guidance for people in Italy with psychological distress and their families, creating a bridge between the person living with discomfort or their family and the local reality.

This free service is possible thanks to the presence of specially trained counselors, psychologists, and volunteers


  • Those who directly experience psychological or psychosocial distress.
  • Family members.
  • Caregiver.
  • Staff of various Mental Health Centers of the Roman ASLs.

Do you need help?
We are here to
listen to you.

Mon - Fri from 10.00 to 17.00




For users and their families

The SOSS provides

  • Information:
    • on access to public services (local health authorities and municipalities),
    • on the various rehabilitation activities,
    • on other specialists or rehabilitation facilities.
  • Guidance:
    the user and the family member are followed by phone (online coach) so they can make use of, and thus best utilize, the information given by the operator.
  • Social support:
    we offer listening and support to those who contact us, proposing, according to the needs and necessities of each.

Such requests may concern situations connected with mental distress, in particular the socialization needs of young psychiatric users, training and job integration, and housing solutions (also regarding the "after us").

For the staff of mental health centers

The SOSS provides information to the health center staff, using its own database, constantly updated, containing information about all mental health facilities primarily in the metropolitan area of Rome, from local to hospital resources and even third-sector resources.

Sportello di Orientamento e Supporto Sociale per i problemi di salute mentale della Fondazione Di Liegro

Further information can be found on the national website salutementale.net, which the Di Liegro Foundation has helped to develop in collaboration with ASL Roma 2 department mental house.

Listening, guidance and information for
Mental Health Problems.
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