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Gruppi E auto aiuto

Gruppi di auto aiuto per i Familiari

The presence of people with psychological distress has significant repercussions on family life. The self-help groups of the Foundation were created with the intention of offering support to family members, to break their loneliness and create a network of supportive and supportive relationships.

The groups are entirely managed by family members, who are also the direct facilitators of the meetings.

The group's method is one of sharing, comparison, and recognition in others. An exchange of experiences that helps rediscover personal resources, often hidden or crushed by the difficult confrontation with mental illness.

The groups meet weekly, while once a month, supervision by professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists) is planned to facilitate communication within the group, redefine content emerged in the meetings, and delve into specific themes directly requested by the family members.

Gruppo di auto mutuo aiuto della Fondazione Di Liegro

Self-help groups for bereavement support

The mutual aid groups for bereaved people, developed within the reflection process with the Associazione Gruppo Eventi, are inspired by the principles of mutual aid. These in-person groups are a community resource and represent a space for listening, protected and free from judgments, where everyone can express themselves and share their experiences.

The group is made up of people who have suffered the loss of a loved one and live in a common condition that makes it possible to express and share suffering, needs, experiences, changes, and resources. The group's founding values are: respect, sharing, listening, and confidentiality about what is expressed by the participants. People requesting to participate in the group meet with the facilitators before entering the group. The group meets regularly on Wednesday afternoons once a week for an hour and a half at the headquarters at Via Ostiense 106.

Gruppi di psicoanalisi multifamiliare

I GPMF (Gruppi di Psicoanalisi MultiFamiliare) sono un contesto nel quale le famiglie si riuniscono per fare esperienze terapeutiche arricchenti. Negli incontri ciascun partecipante potrà sviluppare nuove risorse emotive e condizioni migliori per gestire i conflitti che vive con gli altri e quelli che ha vissuto e che vive con se stesso.” Il gruppo è composto da più famiglie e partecipano più membri per ciascuna famiglia.
Il gruppo cittadino di psicoanalisi multifamiliare si riunisce il venerdì pomeriggio con cadenza bisettimanale, presso la sede a Via Ostiense 106.
Listening, guidance and information for
Mental Health Problems.
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