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Restart From Us

The aim of the RESTART FROM US project is to promote and strengthen students' emotional and social skills.

The project

The effects of Covid on children and young people, between social distancing, loss of routine, anxiety and uncertainty linked to the disease, up to the fear of parents and the difficulties generated by distance learning have made it necessary to intervene on the emotional and social sphere of students, especially on those in middle school classes, who started secondary school shortly before the start of the pandemic.

The project is based on the approach ofpeer education, an effective strategy for preventing and promoting mental health. By involving students, teachers and psychologists, the goal is improve the psychophysical and relational well-being of children, enhancing self-esteem, confidence and sense of security. Peer education, which involves the horizontal transmission of knowledge within a group, then promotes exchange between classmates, offering support between peers.

Each class develops a path during 10 group meetings lasting 2 hours each, scheduled 2 weeks apart.

The focus is on development of emotional and social skills such as the knowledge and regulation of emotions, the ability to take on the other's point of view, empathy, self-efficacy, assertive communication, which are the basis of functional and inclusive inter-personal relationships.

The practical approach, with activities such as role-playing, focus-groups and the use of mindfulness techniques, is integrated with cognitive reflection to promote group cohesion and psychosocial well-being.

Thanks to the positive relational climate built, the children deal with issues such as body acceptance, sexual orientation, sharing some complex life experiences, difficult communication with the adult world and perceived judgement, self-esteem and valorisation. of himself.

The Numbers

  • 6 classes of 3 media of 4 institutes between Milan and Rome for a total of 240 adolescents aged between 11 and 13 years
  • 240 hours of psychological support workshops for students
  • 4 psychologists

The Results

  • 240 students improved their management of emotions
  • The students themselves reported improvements in attendance and academic results, reducing tension and increasing attention to study.
  • The students' families and the entire school community have benefited from a more peaceful environment both at home and at school.


Project created in collaboration with Mission Children.

Project supported by Dora Foundation.

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