The Labirintus Project

The job of finding employment: fighting poverty and reintegrating the over-40 population who is unemployed

Since 2007, the year in which the greatest post-war economic crisis began, the Di Liegro Foundation has launched – with the contribution of the Lazio Region and in collaboration with the Association ATDAL Over 40 – a project called Labirintus, to support and guide those who have lost their jobs.

Job loss, prolonged unemployment, and sudden impoverishment create dramatic situations that can have a profound emotional and psychological impact both on an individual and is or her family.

Labirintus focuses on the recovery and optimization of professional skills, by activating networks and resources to re-enter the labor market.

It includes orientation and relational re-activation seminars, focusing on topics such as building confidence and self-esteem, preparing a resume and cover letter, practicing and simulating job interviews, and the development of self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The project also involves meetings with recruitment agencies and human resource experts to offer ideas and opportunities for employment reintegration or ways to approach the labor market.

The project also offers emotional supportto participants suffering from severe loss of motivation and self-esteem, which may often cause the onset of relational problems with the environment, as well as preventing an individual from rebuilding his or her personal resources.

The initiative consists of a series of meetings with specialized staff (psychotherapists, psychiatrists) in which participants have the opportunity to explore their experiences and difficulties, in order to evaluate the person as a whole and if necessary, refer the individual to a public facility where he or she can be treated.

This step is one of the main pillars of the Labirintus project. The goal is to fight discrimination and marginalization, helping to enable the person through self-awareness and by adapting to changes in his or her environment.

The project’s individual reintegration training aims to build an individual path of action together with a “trainer”, starting by updating and redeveloping the individual’s resume, and repositioning his or her skills within the labor market.

The Foundation also helps monitor job opportunities based on the participants’ profiles, as well as guiding and preparing the individual for potential job interviews.

Finally, the Labirintus project offers legal support, provided by a group of volunteer professionals who help solve critical situations that have arisen due to the loss of employment (eviction, separation and divorce, protection of minors), as well as assisting participants in social security matters. The project also provides a supportallowanceto face financial emergencies during the individual’s participation in the project.


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