Self-Help Group

Living with a loved one who has a mental health problem can have a serious impact on the lives of his or her family members. The Foundation’s self-help groups were created to offer support to family members, to ease feelings of loneliness and build a support network. The groups are entirely managed by family members, who are also the facilitators of the meetings. The groups are based on sharing, self-awareness, and exchanging experiences that can help us rediscover our hidden potential, which is often crushed by the consequences of living with a mental illness. The groups are held weekly and are supervised once a month by professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists) to help facilitate communication within the group, redefine content that has emerged during the meetings, and explore specific topics that have been requested by family members .

The Foundation currently holds 3 self-help groups, which are attended by about 30 family members of people suffering from mental health problems.



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