The need to promote empowerment within the network of families linked to the Di Liegro Foundation, has led to the development of projects aimed at creating employment for people with mental health problems. The Di Liegro Foundation acts as a facilitator and promoter of this “empowerment” process, by providing the group of family members with two trained professionals with social service skills, in addition to offering a space to hold meetings and activities, as well as the organization of the project itself.

The initiative was launched on April 18, 2015, European Patients’ Rights Day, and it involves the following steps:

  • Clarification of values: the principles that guide the group and their meaning.
  • Analysis of the current situation: the external and internal environment in which the group operates.
  • Definition of the mission: the goals and mission of a group.
  • Creation of the vision: the group commits to turning their image of the future into reality.
  • Achieving the vision: action plans and skills that help the group achieve the vision and mission.
  • During the second phase, the groups are divided into subgroups based on their specific skills and interests, in order to meet specific objectives and carry out in-depth studies on specific themes.

In order to be effective, the values are developed within specific areas:

  • The formal and informal skills that people offer the group.
  • An attitude that demonstrates the commitment and values of the individuals within the group.
  • Analyzing one’s own experiences, exploring and opening up to different ideas and possibilities.
  • Potential initiatives that can help generate visibility for the group and have a greater impact.

Il progetto “Mettersi in moto”


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