We provide support for people suffering from loneliness and abandonment to help give them back their dignity.

The number of people worldwide suffering from neurological, mental and behavioral disorders continues to grow, as reported by the World Health Organization. In recent years, the economic crisis in Italy has impoverished large segments of the population, and public debt has reduced both social and health services.

The Di Liegro Foundation has focuses its efforts in this field, to support those in need of psychological or psychiatric care.

Mental health training andguidance is our biggest priority, especially for the family members of individuals with mental health problems, but also for regular citizens who want to lend a hand to support and guide people suffering from mental illnesses.

In addition to training programs, we organize creative and social workshops.Theaterphotography, paintingmusicsewingfit-walkingare effective tools to help bridge the gap of social isolation. Other valuable projects include our self-help groupsfor families, information and guidance services, and the prevention of psychological distress in schools.

Science and experience show that the sooner you intervene in the field of mental health, the greater the chances of recovery, but also that an acceptable quality of life is possible, even in the presence of a mental disorder.

storia di linda

Storia di Linda

L’incontro con la Fondazione Di Liegro

Partecipando al corso per volontari e familiari, siamo entrati in contatto umano con persone che, come nostra figlia, vivono un disagio mentale.