In a society in which marginalization continues to be an ongoing issue, people in need of help increase. The Foundation supports them with its skills and expertise, thanks to its supporters


The poor, the weak, the marginalized. Don Luigi Di Liegroassisted them for four decades, from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, to help bring them back into society, before the eyes of the many who had turned away. His work and revolutionary ideas have been a source of inspiration for us.Twenty years ago, after his death, we created an international non-profit foundation that bears his name and which is recognized as a “moral body” by the Ministry of the Interior.

Throughout our long journey, we have dealt with social issues such as loss of employment and the lack of integration of immigrants. Our efforts gradually began to focus on a wide range of issues tied to mental health, a topic that has long been overlooked by the media and by politics. Our mission is to break the wall of indifference and fight against exclusion.We therefore collaborate with both public administrations and private organizations, and participate in national and international projects, together with the volunteers we train.

We organize training programsfor staff, family membersof individuals with mental health problems and citizens who are interested. We organize art and socialization workshops. We support self-help centersand provide guidance and social support services. As far as youth mental health issues are concerned, we organize prevention activities in schools: “peer education”, counseling services, emotional literacy. Research, publications, and the organization of conferences are also part of our commitment to mental health.

Each one our initiatives follows the example of Don Luigi. To keep his memory alive, the Foundation is creating a systematic archive of the material tied to Don Luigi and his work


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