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To become one of the Foundation’s volunteers, you must first learn how, and training is one of our main objectives.

Since 2005, we have organized the course “Volontari e Famiglie in Rete per la salute mentale”. Since its first edition, it has worked alongside Rome’s ASL Mental Health Departments, and it is aimed at volunteers, family members, staff, and regular citizens who would like to learn more about mental health problems.

About a thousand people have participated in our training initiatives to date, and many have contributed and continue to do so as volunteers who support both people living with mental illnesses and their families. There are currently about 60 volunteers offering their time and skills.

Our approach is based on the idea that the individual in need is a “person who, at a given stage of his or her life, is struggling with a psychological problem”. Volunteers learn to recognize, through a non-invasive but rather empathic approach, the potential and the abilities of each individual, helping them deal with traumatic events in a positive way.

After having attended our training course, as well as an individual interview, volunteers can participate in all of the Foundation’s activities.

Volunteers in fact participate in:

  • our integrated art-therapy workshopsfor those who are treated by the Mental Health Centers and are guided by an art teacher throughout the art-therapy course
  • localmental health services– hospitals and ASL institutions – with which the Foundation has agreements and where our volunteers collaborate with the social assistance teams in both recreational and non-recreational activities, enhancing the individual’s personal resources, and the ability to develop friendships and relationships
  • our counseling and guidance service, where they can apply what they have learned, regarding the importance of providing information, and the ways in which it must be given
  • “support and assistance” services, based on specific programs which are defined together with the structure.

Volunteer activities are supervised through monthly meetings with the Foundation’s staff, to share volunteering experiences, as well as the feelings and ideas tied to those experiences.

Dear volunteer, if you are looking for an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment, by developing skills and building new relationships; if you would like to contribute to improving the quality of life of those in need and yourself,

call +39 0693572111 or write to

We’re waiting for you!

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